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Frequently Asked Questions

01: Is the workshop refundable?
Workshop registration are NONREFUNDABLE; however, your tuition may be refunded if we have a waiting list and are able to fill your vacancy.
02: Do I need to know how to sew to attend your school?

Great question! Short answer, No. We started this workshop to teach others like ourselves to learn how to sew. We understand some folks might have a leg up on sewing but we encourage everyone on all levels to attend.

03: What fabrics will be using?

We only use the best fabrics here at our shop. You’ll be using CORDURA fabrics as well other specialty fabrics.

04: Noticed that in the class description, there is an additional resources sections. Does that mean patterns at all? How do I access it?

We are planning to launch a CANVASWORKER website where there will be tools, resources and materials available to purchase. All past and current CANVASWORKER attendees will have access to the web tools and resources. I’ll keep you posted via email.

05: After I purchase the class, will you be sending additional information?

Yes, we will be sending an email a week prior with an itinerary of the workshop. We’ll also be sending an easy questionnaire to get a general idea of basic expectations.

06: I’m working on a project for our company/personal, would it be okay to ask your opinion or feedback?

Yes if you’re okay with me billing you $375.00 hr, we're more than happy to consult you on your project.

07: Are we responsible for getting our own lunches?

Yes, but there will be the option to join others for lunch as a group. We encourage you to network and meet all the attendees.

08: Can you adjust the class syllabus for a private company workshop? Is there a minimum number of attendees?

Yes, we’ve done just that for Nike, Lululemon, Beats and Vans. It doesn’t matter on the size of the company; we can adjust based off your needs. In order for us to do a private workshop, we need at least 4 attendees with a max of 8. Cost will depend on the type of workshop being requested.

09: Are most of the students from California?

No, many of the students have traveled from out of state. We’ve also had a number of attendees travel from overseas.