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Questions about pricing

Hi Folks, my name is Douglas, I’m the owner of The Brown Buffalo.

I wanted to answer a few questions about pricing. 
Initially we had our prices lowered (good and bad thing). Our initial short-term plan was to get more bags into customers hands. We are privately owned, we have no investors, every day we spend money it’s out of our own pocket book.

We are skeleton crew here and every month we are doing our best to keep the doors open.
We really don’t make a large profit on every bag we sell. Our goal is not about wealth, our goal is to create jobs, support the local community and share our knowledge while making great product.

To keep everyone honest and contiuing our transparency here is a general cost (give or take) of goods on our end.
Cost of Goods (aka COGS)
Materials (raw materials + shipping cost) $20-35
Labor (sewing, cutting, post production) $20 hourly x 5-6 hours = $120
Operational Cost (employees, building rent, office expenses, misc) $60-75
Profit $20-35 (This is a short term goal, long term goal we want to increase our profits to hire additional help and increase our development of new styles)
Additional cost if we paid for shipping:
Shipping $15 to ship to customer
Return Shipping $15 from customer to our office
I know it’s not ideal for you as the customer, but we hope with sharing a bit of visibility you can understand.

Thank you for your support. If you have any questions, please email


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